About Brianna

Who Is She? - The Basics
Brianna is living out her own Happily Ever After in central PA with a husband who doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks, including (most of the time), her. Together, they spoil their two dogs rotten. She works a regular day job and comes home to play with her puppies, talk with her husband, and get sucked into her own little world for the remainder of most evenings by reading or writing. Occasionally, she'll do a load of laundry or pick up take-out. 

The amazingly supportive group of people surrounding her in the way of friends and family is always there when she needs a pick-me-up or a smile. If they're not available, which happens very rarely, a long car ride with no traffic and the tunes turned up loud is a decent substitute. Technology and social media are her most-persistent enemies. Her life would be better without alarm clocks, politics, and never-ending chores. She's the pickiest eater you'll ever meet. And her favorite way to procrastinate is by watching the bird feeder outside her office window or creating a new set of characters to play with.

Brianna leads a very blessed life... And most days she realizes it. :)
When Did It Start?
Brianna has loved to read for as long as she can remember. She picked up her first romance novel in sixth grade... and has never looked back. 

The age-inappropriate books could be found stashed in her backpack, under her bed, and eventually, in the middle of her textbooks that she was pretending to read. Romantic love was something she simply couldn't imagine at that point in her life, but her daydreams were quickly shaped by the touching scenes she was experiencing through the written word.

In 2017, she sat down at her laptop and started a brand new adventure by creating a story of her own. And again, has never looked back.
Where Do The Ideas Come From?
Her Inspiration
Brianna is constantly listening to music. The lyrics, the melody, the way the song makes her feel... A lot of songs are mini-stories, told in three minutes, with the notes and crescendos filling in half the needed words. Some of Brianna's best ideas come from a song that touches her heart.
Family & Friends
God Bless large families! 
Brianna surrounds herself with a great group of people she calls family (by blood and by choice), who are always full of entertaining stories and ideas. 
Mother Nature

One of Brianna's favorite things to do is to find a quiet spot and simply watch. Watch the grass or leaves blow in the wind. Watch the way the sun creates a rainbow out of a leftover raindrop. Watch the birds and the animals and the changing of the seasons... Watch the chaos or the calm.
There's always something that will bring a new thought and therefore, emotion into that moment. Books are nothing but a series of emotions that a writer hopes to capture on a page.
Life In General

Occasionally, an idea just comes to her, and it won't get out of her head until she sits down and writes. Then, more comes, hopefully in a somewhat organized way and related to the same characters... She keeps going until the words THE END magically appear. Afterward, she'll hopefully get sucked into the next idea, and it'll start all over again. And again. And again.
What Are Her (Seemingly) Impossible Dreams?
Brianna's biggest goal is to publish one book and not have even the slightest feeling of inadequacy enter her head throughout the entire process. She would also love being able to write full time, or at least make writing her first job instead of her second. These obstacles are daunting due to her lack of experience, knowledge, patience and understanding of basic technology and/or social media, as well as any marketing and networking skills. But she'll feel even more accomplished when reaching one or both of these goals in spite of all that.